“2nd try out for It’s “Happened to be” a closet .These pieces are from an important collection from America that  I managed to BUY . All signed and many rare items.” Antonia Ghazlan                                                                        1. 1970’s Zentall blue/purple earrings (on hold) 2.1 1950’s jewel cuffs: multi rhinestone      2.2 1950’s jewel cuffs : rivoli AB 2 oval stones 3. 1970’s rare one off Donald Stannard dophin collar 4. 1980’s Louis Feraud neckalce///// SOLD5. 1950’s Weiss purple crystal hoop earrings 6. 1950’s Selro Asian princess bracelet   7. 1950’s Bouchermatt gold brooch 8. 1950’s Bouchermatt gold earrings 9. 1960-70’s Panetta sterling silver gold vermeil faux opal ring 10. 1950’s ART pearl/green/AB pinwheel earrings11. 1940’s Alfred Phillipe for Trifari very rare hexagonal tassel choker, collector item 12. 1940-50’s Kramer blue crystal brooch and 13. 1940-50’s Kramer blue crystal earrings drop14 pieces in total                             



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